Green Summit Partners

Meeting Your Business Goals

At Green Summit Partners, we strive to translate and improve work culture to meet your business goals. Our years of expertise and knowledge about the industry help us navigate the gambit of your company's changes and make the plan accordingly.

We understand each organization is different and need custom solutions. We work with you based on your various service choices.

Senior Executive Advisory Services

C-level and other top tier executives play a critical role in building an engaged enterprise. They also face a unique set of challenges, including setting the enterprise strategy and managing board relationships. Unfortunately, executives at this level often have particular difficulty in finding a trusted advisor with whom they can be completely transparent about their concerns.

Our board and business experience, judgment, discretion, and temperament help your top leaders realize their full potential.

Leadership Coaching

By how they think, what they say, and how they act, leaders at every level of an organization create the conditions for high or low engagement. Working individually or in small groups, we can help your leaders develop the kind of positive behaviors that bring out the best in others.

We do it by thinking more deeply about their leadership style, building on their strengths, and making changes where appropriate.

The Engagement Strategy Workshop

With one or two days of the interactive working sessions, we help your team develop an effective engagement strategy. Together, we identify your most critical engagement challenges and create an action plan by developing a caring leadership model.

We take the critical 'first steps' to build momentum, deploy the programs, practices, and messages necessary to hardwire the desired change.

Organizational Development

The most carefully thought out strategy is only as good as its execution. To ensure that your engagement strategy is successful for the long term, we work with leaders at every level of your organization.

  • To identify the issues that affect engagement the most in their particular unit.

  • To develop their engagement plans to address those issues.

  • To keep the engagement a day-to-day priority.

HR Consulting

Your human resources organization will play a key role in the development and execution of your engagement strategy. We help with expert advice on the full range of critical issues.

  • Personalizing the mission.

  • Leadership development and talent management.

  • Rewards and recognition.

  • Employee well-being.

  • Engagement tools.