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Green Summit Partners

Building Engaged Enterprises Globally

What keeps you up at night? Revenue, growth, profitability, customer loyalty, or the need for innovation?

At Green Summit Partners, we help you transform your organization into an engaged enterprise. Every critical business metric is tied to higher levels of employee engagement. It means if you want to build a high-performance enterprise, you need to build a committed enterprise.

We Work the Way You Want to Work

When you work with Green Summit Partners, you work directly with Joe Patrnchak, the founder, and as appropriate, selected members of our network. You have maximum flexibility to work out with our various services that work best for your organization, with your particular challenges, timetable, resources, and preferred working style.

Services We Provide

  • Our senior executive advisory services help you address a range of complex issues, such as investment, tax, financial strategy, and more.

  • Our leadership coaching services assist employers in bringing out the best from each employee utilizing the Servant-Leader as the model.

  • Our engagement strategy workshop helps in identifying challenges and creates an action plan for improvement.

  • Our organizational development services guide you in navigating complex changes and implementing practical solutions to achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • Our HR consulting services offers leadership development, talent management, rewards and recognition, employee well-being, and more.