Real change starts with real dissatisfaction.
To increase engagement across your organization, you’ll have to change the organization in significant ways
—and successful organizational change always starts with dissatisfaction. Why do you need to change? What areas of organizational performance are you least satisfied with? How are they connected to employee engagement? What’s causing the most dissatisfaction among your employees? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer before you can build the engagement plan that’s best for your organization
—and we’ll help you find those answers.

When a mission becomes personal, it becomes a cause.
Engaged employees feel a strong emotional connection to their organization’s mission. They care about the mission, not just their pay check. To move the needle on engagement, you need to take your mission statement off the wall and embed it into the day to day life of the organization. You need to make it personal; you need to turn it into a cause. How do your employees feel about your mission? Do they care about it? Again, we can help you find the answers, and use them to build—and execute—an effective engagement plan.

If you don’t care, they won’t care.
The most important driver of employee engagement is how the employees feel about their leaders—whether they feel that their leaders care about them and value their work. And yet, in too many organizations, leaders at every level send exactly the opposite message—by the decisions they make, by how they behave, by what they reward and what they tolerate. We’ll help you apply the principles of servant leadership to send the right message—and build the kind of organizational culture that increases engagement and drives performance.

Old habits die hard, so hardwire the change.
Changing the way your leaders lead, and changing the way your employees approach their work
—that’s hard stuff. It’s not a quick fix, one-and-done process. Unless you consistently reinforce the new ways of thinking and behaving, unless you commit to a real culture change, the organization—and its engagement level—will slip back to what you had before. We’ll help you build the kind of talent management, reward & recognition, and performance management systems that will keep you moving toward a truly engaged enterprise.

Build pyramids, not sandcastles.
It takes time to build an engaged enterprise. The larger and more complex your organization, the more levels of management it has, the more actively dis-engaged employees it includes, the longer it will take to move engagement to world class levels. You don’t change an established culture overnight. That’s why it’s so critical to establish realistic expectations among all the stakeholders, and not allow short-term success to lead to a loss of focus. We’ll help you keep the spotlight on engagement, just as you would for any critical strategic objective.

At Green Summit Partners, our approach is based on five core principles
​derived from years of successful experience building engaged enterprises.